2,3-Diphospho-D-glyceric acid penta(cyclohexylammonium) salt

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D-Glycerate 2,3-diphosphate (DPG) is a cofactor of phosphoglyceric acid mutase and hemoglobin.
Weitere Informationen
Katalognummer SC-1130
Formel C3H8O10P2 * [C6 H13 N]5
CAS 102783-81-3 / 62868-79-5 (racemic)
MW 266,03 + [495,88]
Aussehen White solid
Reinheit > 97 % (HPLC-RI)
Löslichkeit Soluble in water
Größe 1 g
Aufbewahrung Keep cool and dry. Protect from light and moisture. Store at -20°C
D-Glycerate 2,3-diphosphate (DPG), can be used as a reference in analysis of blood cell (erythrocyte) glycolysic cycle metabolites. Furthermore it can be used in assays which measure DPG levels indicating the health status of erythrocytes/red blood cells (RBC)