2018-01 - SiChem sponsors DECHEMA Seminar "Advances in Chemical Biology"
SiChem sponsors this year's meeting in Frankfurt a. M. (30. -31.01.2018), which deals with the latest developments in chemical biology. (DECHEMA Chemical Biology_2018)

2017-08 - SiChem sponsors the iGEM Team
SiChem supports the Bielefeld team in the „international Genetically Engineered Machine“ (iGEM) competition. More than 300 teams from all over the world participate in this renowned competition in the field of Synthetic Biology. They present their projects and results in Boston in front of an international jury.

2017-07 - Mayor of Bremen - Carsten Sieling -  visits SiChem
On 24th of July the Mayor of Bremen Carsten Sieling visited SiChem (more)

2017-06 - SiChem sponsors GCE Workshop at the Oregon State University
SiChem supports the Genetic Code Expansion Workshop 2017, initiated by Ryan Mehl, with unnatural amino acids. This workshop will provide participants with the theoretical and practical knowledge to utilize existing and emerging genetic code expansion technology.

2017-01 - Carsten Schultz recruited as new chair of the "Department of Physiology and Pharmacology" at OHSU
Carsten Schultz, shareholder at SiChem, has a new job at the Oregon Health & Science University (more)