TCO* - NHS carbonate / AXIAL isomer

(R,E)-cyclooct-2-en-1-yl (2,5-dioxopyrrolidin-1-yl) carbonate //

TCO*reagent -NHS-ester 

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Katalognummer SC-8070
Formel C13H17NO5
CAS 1610931-22-0
MW 267,28
Aussehen White solid
Reinheit min. 95 % (HPLC-UV)
Löslichkeit Soluble in Dichloromethane, DMF, DMSO, Methanol, ACN
Größe 100 mg / 1 g
Aufbewahrung Keep cool and dry. Protect from light and moisture. Store at -20°C on arrival.

TCO*-NHS carbonate can be used for the group-specific modification of primary amines